Everyone does SEO on their websites to get what they are offering in front of more people, with the intention of selling more of it.

The focus on backlinks as this is, of course, one of the biggest ranking factors to rank your pages for the keywords you are targeting.

There is a little tactic you can do right now on-page to help your site get there much quicker.

Longer Content Equals Better Results

One of the best tactics I can give that works like hot cakes is to create longer form content sales pages.

For businesses that want to see an immediate effect on the ranking of their money keywords, you need to have a lot more text on-page itself.

Google loves longer pages, as this is true for blog posts, and this is also entirely correct for your sales pages as well.

Just by increasing copy on-page to 1000+ words, you will see a resounding effect in the SERPs.

The reason for this is that the search engines want the most definitive piece on that subject to rank the highest.

Search engines want to rank the most definitive piece of content on a subject the highestClick To Tweet

So think about it this way: the top ranking pieces of blog content are on average around 2200-2500 words long.

So you work hard to ensure that the topic you are writing about is jam packed with pure value content in your blog posts.

Well then, the same rules that apply to long-form blog content, holds true for your marketing sales pages as well, where you can really show your visitor why you are the market leader in your niche.

And this works the best on your inner pages here, as you want to rank your home page for your brand terms and your inner pages for your money keywords.

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Final Thoughts

Spend more time crafting the perfect copy, add more media such as images and video to enhance engagement.

You will notice a difference within a very short period on your changes made.

How has this worked for you? Leave me a reply in the comment section below and tell me how this worked out.

Maher Abiad, the authority and branding guy, has been in digital media and marketing since 2000. He runs his own digital marketing training and consultancy company named 3Seven7 Studios. The life long goal is to help 700,000 business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and consultants worldwide become authorities in their fields and dominate their industries.
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